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Top 5 Hotel in Ahmednagar near Shani Shingnapur

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Lord Shani is considered an important planet in Hindu Mythology.  He exerts both positive and negative influences in the life of an individual according to scriptures.  So, millions visit the Bhagwan’s temple located in the village called Shani Shingnapur to seek his blessings.

Shani Shingnapur Devesthanam (temple)

The idol is a Swayambhu (self-born) and is believed to be a Jagrut devata (deity still lives here).  The most amazing fact is that the villagers build houses with door frames but no doors as they the Lord would severely punish anyone who intends to steal.

Since the site of the temple is located in a village, there very few accommodation facilities here.

Where to Stay

One good option is to book a hotel in Ahmednagar and travel from there.  Some advantages of this option are:

  1. It is just 39 kms away, easily accessible by road and rail
  2. Since it is a big city, there are budgets for all price ranges. The service is of top quality due to the availability of professionals there. You can also find many Budget hotels here.
  3. You can visit easily travel to other tourist spots like Shirdi, Ahmednagar Fort, Beaches, Bhandardara Lake, and others

Top 5 Hotels in Ahmednagar and near Shani Shingapur:

  • Hotel Paradise: Is a Budget hotel very near to the bus stop and 18 kms from the railway station. It has all the amenities of a good hotel plus free parking services, free Wi-Fi and facilities for arranging business meetings.
  • Hotel Ganpati Lodging is a Hotel near Shani Shingnapur temple, just 2 minutes away. Good rooms with all basic amenities are available here. The hotel can provide food and transport facilities as well.
  • Hotel Aditi Lodging: Is a top hotel in Ahmednagar, best for people traveling with families. The hotel offers basic amenities plus soothing ambiance.
  • Hotel Yashraj: Is a popular hotel in the city. It provides basic amenities for Non AC rooms, transport services, laundry services. Room service is top class.
  • Hotel Aarya is a single star hotel with all the facilities in the category. The hotel also provides free internet and affordable non-AC rooms with hot and cold water facilities.

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