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Why To Stay In Ahmednagar Hotel Instead Of Shirdi Hotel ?

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Millions visit the Shirdi, a small town located in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra India every year.

The Holy shrine at Shirdi

It is a popular destination because it was home to the 19th-century saint Sai Baba, who preached importance self-realization, charity, forgiveness, and love for mankind.

This saint is revered by both the Hindu and the Muslim communities of India.

More than 25000 people to the Shirdi of Sai Baba, Shirdi every year. It literally doubles during the Holiday season.

The accommodation was at Shirdi

Now, since Shirdi is a small town with devotees streaming in every day, you might experience few difficulties getting good accommodation/services there.

Ahmednagar is just 85 km away from Shirdi. It is connected to the holy place by Road (buses and call taxis) and Rail. Most devotees seek accommodation at Ahmednagar; visit the site return to their hotel the same day. Why is staying back at Ahmednagar preferable to taking lodgings at Shirdi? Let us analyze……..

  1. Reasonable rates

You can stay at Ahmednagar hotels with as low as Rs.1000/- a night. Some hotels even offer discounts that you can check online. While rates in Shirdi may increase drastically during festivals and holiday seasons, the hotel rates do not change much during such periods.

The stress of getting rooms is not there and you can concentrate on spiritual aspects of your journey.

  1. Good Quality

Most Ahmednagar hotels, like other city hotels, have good spacious rooms with spick and span bathrooms. Couple friendly hotels are more in number here than in Shirdi.

Parking facilities, travel assistance, good Wi-Fi connections, business services, health spas and swimming pools at some hotels and Restaurant attached. The safety aspect is assured through many features like CCTV camera, common alarm etc.

Some hotels provide Buffet Breakfast as well. Travel assistance is also available if you so desire.

  1. Good service

Hotels at Ahmednagar appoint professionals to serve customers in the most efficient manner. Room Service, Chauffer service, Laundry service are of topmost quality here.

Maintainance of rooms is uniform and quick even during the rush season, However, as bookings increase, new guest at hotels temple towns may come across dirty towels and messy beds left by previous guests.

  1. List of good hotels in Ahmednagar

Some of the hotels in Ahmednagar are

Five-star hotels in Ahmednagar

  1. Hotel Paradise
  2. Hotel Raj Palace
  3. Iris Premiere
  4. Hotel JK Executive

Three-star hotels in Ahmednagar

  1. Hotel Paradise
  2. Shraddha In
  3. Hotel Kuber inn
  4. Hotel Om Sai International

Budget Hotels in Ahmednagar

  1. Hotel Paradise
  2. Hotel Aditya Lodge
  3. Hotel Shades Of Royal

Check into a hotel in Ahmednagar for a spiritual and comfortable trip today!

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